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Teaching & Mentoring

I am a first-generation male educator of color. I have navigated and survived institutional trauma from predominantly white institutions, and I have managed to succeed and strive for excellence. 

As an educator, I seek to instill in my students the tools and the understanding of traditional marginalization for traditionally disadvantaged groups and build allyship to further advance the message of human compassion and reciprocity. 

Through my years in teaching, I seek creative and innovative techniques that can creatively channel the students' thoughts and draw connections between themselves and the course materials. 

More recently, I have become increasingly active in Digital Humanities and its applications in the classroom. Since then I have made sure to utilize non-traditional elements for evaluation like social media reflections (TikTok, Memes, FlipGrid) and currently implementing open source tools utilized among digital humanists for research. My main goal is to equip students with skills marketable and relatable this 21st century. 

Last, I have had the honor of serving as an instructor in several universities. Through these opportunities,  I have learned tremendously as a teacher and as a human being from the experiences and interactions with students that take my courses. 

Summary of Teaching Evaluations

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