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Chicano Park, San Diego

PC: Jackie Haddel

My Interest


My experiences as a transfronterizo have shaped my research agenda surrounding the ideas of language, race, and identity. I am interested in the intersections of phonetics/phonology and pragmatics in heritage and Mexican migrant communities in the borderlands of the US Southwest. 

My dissertation project focuses on the Spanish of San Diego, CA. As a member of this community, I wish to explore more about how we speak Spanish and provide an insight into the intricacies of Spanish in contact in the borderlands. 

Other interests include:​

  • Mesoamerican Languages: Nahuatl, Maya, P'urepecha.

  • Quantitative Sociolinguistics

  • Languages in Contact: Bilingualism, Diglossia, SLA.

  • Phonetics-Pragmatics Interphase.

Outside the academy, I enjoy reading and writing, as well as rock en español and Spanish films and series. I play the violin and chill with my cat Chofis. 


  • Variationist approach to the discourse marker pues in Mexican Spanish.

  • Sociophonetic analysis of the discourse marker pues in El Paso Texas. 

  • Spanish of the Borderlands with Dr. Almeida Jacqueline Toribio. 

  • Corpus del Español del Sur de San Diego (ESSD)-Dissertation Project

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