St. Edward's University- Austin, TX

Adjunct Faculty-Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures/Program in Chicanx/Latinx Studies


CHLX 1302-01: Intro to Chicanx/Latinx Studies


CHLX 3325-01: Identities, Communities and Social Justice


SPAN 2326-01 Practical Spanish Conversation


FALL 2021

CHLX 1302-01: Intro to Chicanx/Latinx Studies


CHLX 2312-01: US-Mexico Borderlands


SPAN 3333-01 Mexican American Cultural Experience


FALL 2020

CHLX 2315-01: The US/MEX Borderlands

  • Was a great class, of course, due to the circumstances we are living this class would've changed so much if we were able to go out. But our teacher was very considerate and thoughtful when it came to our struggles as student in the middle of a pandemic. He is very passionate of what he teaches and that has helped many students understand the material better, specially when it comes to a different culture.

  • Thank you for being understanding, I loved this class and do not regret taking it! I learned so much!

  • Great job this year. Really did enjoy this class very much

  • He was very understanding and actually took the time to listen to us and hear what we have to say. No problems with assignments or anything like that. I think this class was fairly easy

  • Overall, the course was really good and I would recommend someone else to take it.

  • Professor Gonzalez made it easy to learn about a completely new concept to me, which is borderland identity. I thought it was both very informative and very important for Latinx students to take.

  • I really enjoyed the guest speakers coming to our class to talk to us, it really connected to all of our topics that we learned in class.

  • Amazing, 100/10 would recommend.

  • I appreciate the reflective nature of the course

  • This is the second class I take with Professor Luis and I enjoyed it just as much! I know that things were a little different due to COVID so at times there was Difficult to communicate. However, everything worked out and I learned so much from this class.


  • amazing professor. He is so nice yet will push you when you need to do more. Which is a good thing.

  • The professor's flexibility and approachability made class go very smoothly and I learned a lot this semester.

  • This was the first Spanish class where I feel like I actually learned something. SO thank you :) There was a lot of homework though, more than any of my other classes. I know that is out of your control because it's on connect, but I don't know. Maybe that's why I learned so much lol...

  • Thank you so much for your expertise, you are such a great teacher!!

  • This teacher did a great job of balancing time in class with the amount of homework that we were competing on connect. It was difficult to do this class entirely on connect but the workload was manageable and the teacher was very understanding and helpful. 


  • For this class being online, I dont think there is anything that didn't work out. You made the most of the semester the best you could have and I think it went as smooth as anyone could expect an online class to go.

  • Prof. Gonzalez was encouraging and attentive to his students. His course stuck to the syllabus and was clearly organized. Languages are very hard to learn online, so he adjusted his expectations appropriately.

  • Professor Gonzalez was a fun and interactive instructor, and being in his class was genuinely fun.

  • Breakout rooms were helpful in getting practice and gaining experience with practicing and applying the language.

  • He made class a lot of fun and was just an over all easy going teacher. He was very motivative and never forget to tell us that we were doing well. He had very clear and understandable lectures and didnt make class so boring. We had lots of break out rooms which gave us a chance to talk to other students and we also would always have speaking activities that made us engage in class.

  • Professor Gonzalez was very helpful and engaging. Learning a language online is difficult, but he encouraged communication between students, which I appreciated. Professor Gonzalez was very accommodating and understanding.

  • Understands the struggles of students, teaches the material, engages the students in the material.



No formal evaluation conducted for an independent study course.


  • Luis is an excellent professor that seemed to see his students as a team. The team can only be as good as the worst player and he made sure we all understood and stayed on task. The way we allowed for all of us to become friendly with each other is something that I have not seen to this extent at university yet. He is someone that should be kept around for a while because of his ability to make students feel welcomed, respected, appreciated, and become more knowledgeable people. I truly hope this is not the last class I will have with him!

  • This class delivered very effective instruction. The homework assignments and in class activities were very engaging and allowed me to learn more Spanish which I will be taking with me in real world experiences.

  • I appreciate the patience that you have with your students. You really pushed us to be more confident and I am truly grateful. More days of conversational practice, like first 5 minutes of class or one day during the week we work on conversational skills.

  • I like listening to songs in the beginning of class and having us talk to our partners about questions you put on the screen.

  • Very patient and understanding professor. I was worried about how I would perform in this class because I did not expect to test in so high but all my worries were set aside after the first week of the course. It was a very fun learning environment, and the professor did the best he could to change our lecture style when COVID-19 happened. I'd highly recommend this course to others and this professor.

  • Professor Gonzalez is great at implementing different approaches to teaching Spanish. He would play songs in Spanish and have students discuss in Spanish about the content of the song, he consistently encouraged students to speak/ask questions in Spanish at every opportunity, and helped us strengthen our understanding of Spanish grammar and vocabulary with lectures and writing exercises. He also always made sure to check if anyone had any questions before moving on with the material. While professor Gonzalez truly cares about the academic success of his students, he also cares deeply for their personal wellbeing. There have been multiple occasions during times I was experiencing mental distress that he made sure to check on me and ask me how I was doing, while not singling me out in front of others and violating my privacy. His consideration for his students has been a profound benefit to me, personally, and likely to others as well. I am more confident in my Spanish speaking and writing abilities because of his instruction and am so grateful for his dedication, generosity, and kindness to his students.

FALL 2019


  • I really loved the classes where you had a clear plan that went along with the powerpoint. Thank you for also giving us extra time to understand the difficult material. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

  • Professor Gonzalez was very enthusiastic in teaching students, and always trying to do his best as much as he can. He has a passion in teaching and his class was overall good.

  • Professor Aviles is an intelligent and passionate educator. He knows how complicated this subject is, and he has tried his best to communicate the essentials to us.

  • I think this course is such an important one, and I think there should be more linguistic classes offered here at St. Ed's! Professor Aviles is highly knowledgeable in his field and I could tell he is passionate about linguistics. I'm very happy St. Edward's is pushing for more diversity in its faculty. I appreciated Prf. Aviles' sense of humor and the fact that he is approachable.


  • This class was the best Spanish class I have ever taken. I find that every year is just a review of the same conjugations with some vocabulary introduced. This year I was able to review these things, while also gaining cultural knowledge. We were also able to improve our conversational skills greatly because of how much we spoke in this class. The dynamic of this class was great because it was small and we all got along well. Prof. Aviles was very welcoming and funny which always makes for the best professors. When I am engaged in class because I am genuinely enjoying the experience, it is so much more rewarding to learn and therefore I put in more effort.

  • I really enjoyed the class. The songs are very helpful in terms of listening skills. Many opportunities were given to help with speech practice.

  • Prof. Gonzeles was a really good spanish professor, personable and a good teacher.

  • I learned more spanish in this course than I ever have before in any other spanish course. While I learned a lot, I wish the professor provided more study sessions outside of class.

  • Great Professor - lively, loved what he does which makes it more fun and encouraging to be engaged!

  • Class layout is very effective. [...] I think this class is very fun and I like our in-class activities.

  • Dr. Gonzales and I had an amazing relationship throughout this class. This man really cares about his subject matter and makes Spanish approachable and fun. His class felt inviting but provided just the right amount off difficulty. I always looked forward to this class. Dr. Gonzales also did an amazing job of preparing us for real world speaking situations and tests we had. He gave us plenty of handouts and opportunities to practice and hone our skills.[...] I really enjoyed my teacher, my classmates, and learned a lot. I thoroughly wish I could have Dr. Gonzales again for my Spanish 4 professor. I feel much more confident with the language and even feel inspired to look into a job tutoring Spanish. This was a very enjoyable experience.

  • I thought the class was ran amazingly, and Professor Gonzalez was amazing. He wanted to make sure that every student understood the concepts being taught, and he would be flexible to people's schedules when setting up a meeting if needed.

  • I enjoyed the songs because they helped me learn about the culture more. I also enjoyed how we would talk in pairs because it helped me grow out of my comfort zone and practice the language more. Thank you for being understanding and patient with all of us. You made the course fun, interesting, and you ensured we were all engaged which helped a lot!


  • He is an excellent professor with a great passion for Chicanos. This class inspired me to fight for what is right for my community as a Mexican American. I learned so much, both historically and personally. He organized the class to where we would have discussions, which gave us the opportunity to exchange ideas. His assignments were tough and challenging but they helped us understand the material better and our everything into perspective. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to take his class.

  • He's an amazing professor, I loved this class always engaged and interested in the material being learned

  • I learned an immense amount in this course. The professor was fantastic!

  • I loved this class although we had a lot of readings and they were at times super long the ones that I read were always very inspirational and made me think more about my culture and identity which I did not expect. The prof was very good at explaining the materials and even when we went on tangents I still came out of the class with new knowledge.

  • Really amazing information and class discussions were very helpful.

  • Great teacher, always pushes you to think beyond the class. I would encourage people of first generation Latinx/Chicanx students to take this class. It was hard but rewarding at the end! I learned so much!

  • I believe this class helped me find ways to better understand what circumstances have put us to where we are today. I have also grown closer to my own identity as a member of the community. Viva la resistencia!

  • The professor was very passionate about the subject. I came into this class hoping it would be an easy class and not really caring much about the subject, but it ended up being a challenging and reading heavy course. That being said, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the class a lot , and the contagious energy and passion the professor brought into the classroom made me actually interested about the subject and it definitely inspired me in a lot of ways.

  • i learned invaluable information from the class and it impacted me so strongly.

  • I really enjoyed this class because I was able to learn more about my own history and culture. It was nice to finally have a class that focused on the indigenous and mestizo perspective of the conquests. I loved that I was able to relate to the cultural aspect of this class. The readings were all very interesting even though they were very long, I understand their significance. Overall, I had a great experience with this class and our professor Luis was always very enthusiastic and passionate about this topic so he made the class even more enjoyable.

  • Overall the class was incredibly interesting and engaging. I learned so much about Chicano history and I think everyone should get a chance to learn a real history of the U.S. that tells the history of all its peoples and doesn't gloss over its crimes against oppressed people. The different artistic works and videos definitely helped give different perspectives as well and were helpful for visually exploring what we've learned. Luis was very adaptable and found ways to get us all involved in class.

  • Profesor Áviles was a really enthusiastic teacher. You can tell he is passionate about the class topic and he always encouraged us to reflect on the concepts covered in class. My favorite part about the class were the readings he selected because I was able to connect with myself and see myself represented. He pushed us to think analytically through our writing. The class taught me a lot of knowledge and helped me understand myself better.