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University of California, Los Ángeles



  • Overall rating for the instructor: 8.75/9.00

  • He is such a great Prof and made sure we all were learning.

  • Luis, was an AMAZING professor and the best I've had in all my 4 years. He was 200% committed to the class, students, and our mastering of the subject. He was very easy to come to with questions and also took the time to ask how we we're doing in the non-academic aspects of our life. I would HIGHLY recommend Luis to any student for any subject. I'm so glad I took this course with him because not only did I learn spanish in 8 weeks but I made lifelong friends as well and have a fun filled summer with him and my spanish 10 classmates.

  • Luis was a FANTASTIC instructor for this course!!! I had initially been worried about the class length and workload before entering this course but Luis managed to make the class very fun and I came to class interested in learning every day. He was extremely fair with how we were graded and making the class seem less difficult and always put in effort to answer any questions I had about vocabulary, grammar, etc. I would definitely recommend Luis to other students!!

  • Luis is an amazing instructor. I was very worried about taking spanish intensive because my spanish speaking skills are very low. Luis made spanish fun - the way he organizes his lectures and presentations is very unique and really expresses a lot about Mexican culture while learning Spanish. Luis really is one of the best professors I have had at Ucla, he really cares about his work and his students.. he is also amazing at making spanish fun - it makes everything a lot easier.

  • Luis is a great professor who cares deeply about students needs. He is able to keep the class interesting and fun all while supporting the different levels that each student is at. The fact that he is a native speaker was great and made me feel that I was getting a true representation of how the language is spoke. The online homewrk (which is out of his control of course) badly needs an update to the interface. If the interface is updated than the homework time would be cut in half. Never the less, Luis made this class very enjoyable and I’m even sad that it is over!

HONORS COLLEGIUM 193A, FALL 2017 [Sr. McNair Seminar]

  • No Formal Evaluations are conducted for this class.


  • Overall rating for the instructor:  8.26/9.00

  • Throughout the course Professor Aviles intrigued me to want to learn more about English. I have always hated English throughout High School. As time went by he made me want to try harder in this subject area. I have never worked so hard for this subject in my life. He is an encouraging professor and is great at relaying important messages in class. Overall, Professor Aviles is a hardworking person that cares about the students. He is not here to make us fail but push us through our failures so we can succeed. 

  • the instructor was very caring for the students to ensure that all students were successful. held paper conferences to make sure we received higher grades on our paper and helped overall to gather a better understanding of course material.

  • This Professor is really amazing. Not only does he care about his students working. He cares about his students actually learning. Not once has he ever given anyone a hard time. He cares for his students well being and his priority is to make sure we are ready for university writing. I have never been instructed better by any professor in the means of learning how to effectively improve my writing. While still being able to enjoy the course and never feel like going to class is a burden. He assigns excellent material to study over in order to correctly identify University requirements. Effectively improving his students and making them interested in the course. If i could rate him higher then 9 i probably would rate him 12/9. I never met any professor that goes up and beyond for the students, and im extremely grateful that i could take his course this summer. 

  • The instructor was understanding and persistent. These two qualities are what made this course a successful one. He gave us heavy work, but would help us work though it and was always willing to further explain if we did not understand something. He is an awesome English professor. 



  • Overall rating for the instructor: 7.25/9.00

  • I took Luis for Spanish 1 and I really liked the way he instructed the course so I decided to enroll in his section for my last spring quarter at UCLA even though it was at 8AM. I'm glad I did because he is still a fantastic instructor. How he managed to create lively discussions in class at 8AM when I could barely keep my eyes open is beyond me but I believe his engagement with the students is one of the real strengths of his class. Another thing I really appreciated about Luis was his willingness to help students outside of class. Since I took French in high school, I needed a lot of extra help outside of class time and he never hesitated to schedule meeting times outside of his normal office hours because this quarter I had class that conflicted with his normal office hours. I'm not the type to gush about instructors but after 4 years at UCLA and so many lackluster instructors, it's special to me when I come across an instructor that so obviously cares about his students learning. 

  • Luis was really understanding, and very accommodating to our class! He also provided a lot of differetypes of activities to benefit students with all different types of learning styles. 

  • Luis was an amazing teacher. The class had great structure and really facilitated student learning. All I have to say is that all Spanish classes should be taught like how Luis taught his - it's a lot of work but the structure and constant working really made us learn everything. 


  • Overall rating for the instructor 7.96/9.00

  • Luis was super enthusiastic and always willing to help anyone out. Made everyone feel comfortable when speaking a new language which can be very challenging.

  • Professor Avile es un buen profesor. I loved his class, and I am going on to spanish 2 next year.

  • Professor Luis is very helpful and energetic during class, which stimulates useful discussions.

  • Professor was excellent but I felt as a student he was bound too strictly by the text book ciriculum. He was very engaged and willing to spend additional time outside of office hours. excellent engaging and passionate. Thanks

  • The instructor was a good communicator. He taught the class in Spanish but never rushed, so he was easy to understand with a beginner level Spanish knowledge.

  • The professor provides clear and concise lectures and aids the students outside of class in a punctual manner. He is incredibly passionate about the course and tries his best to allow us to absorb the language gradually. He is also very kind and helpful.


  • Overall rating for the instructor 8.58/9.00

  • Aviles is a great professor with a mastery in the language. 

  • Great professor, very nice.

  • Great teacher but the course moves fast

  • He was fun

  • Luis was a really great teacher! Really cared about his students!

  • great professor​



  1. 2015-16- On first Year Diversity Fellowship [Cota Robles], UCLA.

  2. 2017-18- Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, UCLA.

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